Oh bebe. . .

Posted Dec 9, 04:39 pm under .

The sweet little babe I’m knitting a sweater for was at our homeschool park day today and I got some sweet pics of her. Poor thing is in the midst of the 5-6 week old baby acne, but still I love this shot!

I started up a little hat for her as well—it’ll have a cream colored ribbon intertwined around the eyelets. I need to make myself one of these, too!

Last night I spent some time taking some shots of Cort. Little boys who are almost seven can give you some gorgeous shots and some tryly obnoxious ones. Just be glad I didn’t show you the boogery ones.

How can such an angel turn into a mischievous imp in the blink of an eye?

Off to bed… today was one of those days where I’m just glad to be home for more than 5 minutes at a time. whew!