Fixed... somewhat

Posted Jan 9, 07:57 am under .

Woo. I finally got the database moved over to the new server—now I just have to make sure all the images are working in the archives—might take awhile, but at least the front page is up and working!

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Not much knitting has been getting done—just too much with my getting strep throat, having to perform two shows for Wassail! during said disease, Christmas, Cort’s birthday, New Years and just LIFE. However, I did start up another site for peaceknits—knitting for charity that Trey got going. Join us and knit a little something for the charity of the month!

Here’s what I’m working on this month, a pair of mittens and hopefully I can cast on and finish a little hat to go with them as well!

So here’s to the new year and more knitting if I can ever catch up!