Well, hi.

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Apparently I disappeared for a few months there… Here’s the lowdown…

February was full of…

snowmen, and

burying kids in the snow, and

baking bread, and

going to the zoo, and

surprises from my Nana (a filet crochet scene for Christmas display)!

I also got an ·awesome· RAOK from Stacey. Beautiful blue yarn, a totally wicked sheep pen and a few other goodies. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures… but I have plans for that yarn this summer. Keep an eye out here.

March blew in with…

old friends,

and snow… it’s a good thing I had…

my very cool hat I bought back in February. I also finished…

Ry’s felted slippers, so his toes could be toasty (maybe he needs a hat, too?)

We had umpteen car repairs this month, getting the cars up to snuff for inspection. Our bank account didn’t like that, so I was put on a yarn diet. What was I to do without fresh lovely yarn??

Why start a bunch of eggs to hatch, of course! Cort insists that we’re starting a farm (I guess with cats, chickens, and rabbits, we’re well on our way.

And then came April, the month our pocketbook finished emptying out and then self-destructed. The well pump died. And couldn’t be replaced. So we had to dig a WHOLE NEW WELL.


Since that was so painful my girlfriend and I took this gang of turkeys for a hike.

Would you go hiking with this bunch??

and at home we just skipped right along to hatching our chickies.

Aren’t they cute??

We ended up with 5… 2 that look like their barred rock papa and 3 looking like their NH Red mamas.

Then the end of the month came and I turned ·28·

I’m so loved—horror movies and an iPod!! My boys love me so!

Now May is here and I’m finally catching up. Maybe I’ll even get some more knitting in, especially since NHS&W is coming up next weekend. Remind not to take 3 months to update again, ‘k? You might have to drag me out of the bath—Calgon, take me away!

Ahhhhh. . .