Sheep & Wool

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I am such a lucky duck since not only did I get to go to NHS&W today with the kids and Ry, but tomorrow I get to go sans kids and with Lynn. Talk about treats all around. The only bummer is this year I’m under a strict mandate of NO ANIMALS. Not fair.

Today’s visit was pretty much a whirlwind since it consisted mostly of kids saying, “Let’s go here… Let’s go there… See this… See that.” I didn’t get to peruse anything too closely, but I’ve got a general idea of where I do want to spend most of my time tomorrow.

Sheepie Huddle
We stopped for awhile to watch the sheep dog demonstrations. Very neat to see the control the dogs have and I love seeing the sheepies all huddled up running around for some reason.

Cort and a Sheepie
We ran into two different homeschooling family friends and got to go in and check out one family’s lambs they were showing. Of course, just down the way I saw a little black Icelandic I’d love to have as a mower, but as stated before “NO ANIMALS. Bbbbbllllllpppptttt.

The Guys and a Sheep
The last shot I took today… Shortly after I took the last shot, we saw a newly shorn sheep. Ry said looked like it was made out of one of those styrofoam mattresses. He thought they were hilarious.

On another note, I did get a glimpse of the Harlot (and her entourage) today, too. Can’t miss her when you see the Rhinebeck sweater and Gap pants from afar. However, I was far too chicken to say ‘hi’ and just celebrity stalked her from afar. Besides I was too busy wrangling two popcorn crazy boys, too.

So, of course, there’ll be more to see tomorrow. Pics of styrofoam sheep and stash to come!


  1. hahahahahahaha! I saw this before Sunday morning and now know the no animals rule. I’m holding you to it :-p

    And I am so not going to miss the child o’ mine asking for more kettle corn. It will be a treat being able to do the show sans DD. Love her to bits, but it’s going to be easier without her.
    · Lynn @ 14 May 2005, 18:16

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