NHS&W: The Goodies Edition

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Whew… It’s taken me 24 hours to readjust to life after S&W.

Lynn was a great partner in crime. At first we were very controlled and orderly as we went through each building in order and looked at everything slowly and carefully. Of course, I couldn’t indulge in every little impulse since I had forgotten to stop for cash on the way up! Note to S&W Organizers: having a working or open ATM on the grounds would be fabulous.

Of course, we eventually broke the seal and after a walking back to the car to drop off some of Lynn’s roving and a quick jaunt into town for my cash, all hell broke loose. It’s really a good thing some things got snatched up before I came around a second time otherwise I’d be swimming in even more SABLE. I also resisted all animals and spinning related goodies since I won’t allow myself to get sucked into that ‘til I’ve actually learned to spin!

Here’s the goods I picked up (all in all, I don’t think I did too bad)...

I finally got my swift and ball winder · no more wasting hours winding balls! I picked this set up with my birthday money from my grandparents and folks—Thanks guys! That’s some of the organic color-grown cotton I picked up from Decadent Fibers being wound.

And two wound balls of the organic cottton—So very soft, but I think it’ll be a summer bag for me instead of clothing.

Super Secret Purply Sweater Yarn (3 different colors)—It’s a Romney/Mohair blend from Spring Hill Farm in VT for someone special.

3 Sheepie Cups… too cute and perfect for storing little bits in.

Spot and a handpainted skein in deep rich autumn colors from Green Mountain Spinnery. I think this skein wants to be a hat.

A Sheepie in the Window. I had to bring some kind of animal home with me!

I promised you all a shot of that styrofoam sheepie… and here s/he is. Poor little guy with us having a joke at his/her expense.

All in all a great, but wet day. Off to knit, knit, knit!


  1. What pretty Yarns. The sheepy cups and liitle sheep are very cute.

    It also sounds like you had fun which makes stash enhancement that much better.
    · Danielle @ 17 May 2005, 17:05

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