Hey I'm back...

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We moved twice since I last wrote and I’m finally settling into our new place all the way over on the Left Coast .

Knitting wise I have been busy, but whether or not I can find hard, concrete evidence will have be seen.

Here’s what I’ve found so far:

In June 2005.
C'mon Llama
Mom and I went to the Fiber Frolic in Maine and saw the Llama Drill Team. . .

Kissing Llamas
There’s a lot of love for the llamas there.

Then we hopped on I-80 West in July and never looked back.
Obviously there aren’t alot of red lights on 80, so not much knitting time there.

But once we arrived in CA, I promptly started on some hats.
Jester Monk
Here’s a baby jester hat from August. . .

Ear Flap Hat
And my camping earflap hat from handspun/hand-dyed goodness out of Idaho that I did up in September.

Rachel's Sweet Cap
And a cap for my sweet cousin’s 3rd birthday in December.

There was more before all in before the end of 2005, but I’ll be damned if I took any photos. I was too much in shock of there being no snow at Christmas!