So 2006... til now.

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I’ve done a bit ‘o the knitting this year, too, but like last year documentation is sparse. When will I learn to take a photo of everything as soon as it’s off the needles??

My little nephew, Maxx
First off, we start with the cutest little pirate hat, for the cutest little nephew, I have!

Maxx's Earflap Pirate Hat
And another, this time with earflaps, since he outgrew the other one, oh so fast!

Can you speak and knit at the same time?
There was a Harlot sighting in Los Altos. It is the ultimate in talent to be able to knit and speak to 300+ people at the same time (with 4 needles, no less!)

Mason-Dixon Camping Warshrag
One just can’t go camping without color coordinating your warshrags and dish towels, thus a Mason-Dixon warshrag was completed while camping in September. I also happened to complete a Rainbow one for home, but did I honor it or posterity with a photo? No. Sheer laziness there.

Wool Soup Shawl
And evidence of my longest running FO—a prairie shawl out of some of my beautiful Wool Soup yarn, L gave me.

There’s lot of other things in there that flew off the needles just like in 2005 and I’ve got a sock going on for Socktoberfest and all, but pics? Nah, you’ll just have to wait til I can figure out where I packed the camera battery charger.

It’s good to be back… hope you’re all still around, too.