In which I lament that gauge is rather useful.

Posted Oct 29, 10:34 pm under .

Yes, it finally bit me in the butt. I did not do a gauge swatch or a check before getting to very nearly the end; and it has caused me grief.

I ended up frogging the little pirate hat I’m working up for my sister’s friend’s cousin’s new baby because it was fitting my almost six-year-old! And apparently denial ain’t just a river in Egypt, since I kept thinking “Oh, it’ll just shrink down.” or “It just looks bigger than it will be when it’s done.” or “Bigger is better, right? The baby’ll grow into it.” Yeah, in about 4 years!

So frog it, I did, and then set it aside for now is the time for all the last minute Halloween fun. Cade needs some armor for his knight suit and Cort needs his samurai armor done as well. 2 days to go, and since I can’t go anywhere, guess I’ll just sit here and sew hundreds of these little bits on. Did you know that the samurai had bright sparkly armor??

Ayup. Neither did I.