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A friend of mine wanted to set this up and with my .org domain it became real! We made our first donation to afghans for Afghans last month. Our next goal is a few baby blankets piece all together. If you’re interested in joining us—please do! Drop me a line or drop on by over there!


The War President.

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As a reminder of the American Soldiers who have died because of our current (and future) president’s policies, I’m posting this image. I only wish we could have the same photo made up of the many more Iraqi citizens who have died because of this “liberation.”

Photo Courtesy of American Leftist Also, Faces of the Fallen

I’m going to spend the rest of the day thinking and praying for peace.

Light the candle.


Fixed... somewhat

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Woo. I finally got the database moved over to the new server—now I just have to make sure all the images are working in the archives—might take awhile, but at least the front page is up and working!

· · · · · · ·

Not much knitting has been getting done—just too much with my getting strep throat, having to perform two shows for Wassail! during said disease, Christmas, Cort’s birthday, New Years and just LIFE. However, I did start up another site for peaceknits—knitting for charity that Trey got going. Join us and knit a little something for the charity of the month!

Here’s what I’m working on this month, a pair of mittens and hopefully I can cast on and finish a little hat to go with them as well!

So here’s to the new year and more knitting if I can ever catch up!


May you have laughter all the year...

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Here’s our holiday card this year—slightly unorthodox, but I do love this pic.

More thoughts soon.


Oh bebe. . .

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The sweet little babe I’m knitting a sweater for was at our homeschool park day today and I got some sweet pics of her. Poor thing is in the midst of the 5-6 week old baby acne, but still I love this shot!

I started up a little hat for her as well—it’ll have a cream colored ribbon intertwined around the eyelets. I need to make myself one of these, too!

Last night I spent some time taking some shots of Cort. Little boys who are almost seven can give you some gorgeous shots and some tryly obnoxious ones. Just be glad I didn’t show you the boogery ones.

How can such an angel turn into a mischievous imp in the blink of an eye?

Off to bed… today was one of those days where I’m just glad to be home for more than 5 minutes at a time. whew!


Still no knitting content...

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my fingers are sore from practicing the piano for an hour and a half tonight.

This is one of the little baby steps I’ve been taking to “reclaim” the little bits and pieces of me I let fall by the wayside over the last 7 years since getting married and having the kids. I’m really glad to be playing again, but the anxiety of needed to be perfect for my lessons is getting a little nutty. I know I don’t have to be perfect—I’m certainly not concert pianist grade, but there’s still a little piece of me that doesn’t want to do the lessons for my instructor at all if I can’t do it right immediately—or just do it half-assed for myself alone instead.

I’m finding that this is actually a struggle I’ve been trying to deal with lately—the attitude of if you can’t do it easily and perfectly than it’s not worth trying hard at all or just waiting til it has to be done (procrastination). Is this just my personality or did it come out of some event back in my school days?


You know… I do remember an event—in fact, I feel the red hot burning sensation of humilation from that day right now. Just to keep things simple, it was a project for school that I worked my ass off on only to be ridiculed in front of the whole class about how it was done WRONG. That was the one and only time I ever swore at a teacher. And to be perfectly honest, I don’t think he ever truly apologized—said I needed to learn how to take criticism. Sorry, don’t think that kind of critcism would ever be helpful. Prick.

Guess I’ve got some thinking to do about that one. For now, I’ll just plug away at these pieces for my enjoyment—once it’s not fun anymore, I’ll know it’s time to stop.



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It snowed and snowed today, so you’d figure that I sat nicely inside and finished knitting all the little Christmas gifts that need to be out of this house by next Wednesday right?

WRONG. For some reason today was one of those days where everything seems off kilter and I couldn’t get going on anything. Only baking chocolate chip cookies.

Thus the panic. I have one week to finish gifts for at least 5 people if not more (I’m avoiding my list at the moment) Eep. Think everyone might just like cookies for Christmas (and a flock of ducks??

Maybe tomorrow the world would turn itself right side up and I won’t be quite so out of it. We’ll see—for now sleep calls—all-nighters are definitely a thing of the past.


So... it's the holidays...

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And to have some fun, I joined up with Holidailies at Home. Can I manage to post something substantial for at least 20 of the next 30 days? We shall see.

For now, a sweet picture of Cade, my newish 4-year-old. The combination of four and this child is going to just drive me insane. Along with Cort reaching seven, I’m feel like I should just check myself into a nice padded room. Guess, it’s time to stop coasting—the baby years are over. There’s a new age in town.

Don’t let looks fool you—underneath this sweet facade is a FOUR-YEAR-OLD!


Variety is the Spice of Life...

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At least that’s what I’m telling myself after doing the 10 Random Song Shuggle in iTunes. Here’s what popped up from my online library:

1. Concrete Girl—Switchfoot
2. My Guy—Mary Wells
3. Shotgun—Jr. Walker & The All Stars
4. A Song for Dustmites—Steve Burns
5. Change Your Mind—Paul Kelly
6. Such Great Heights—The Postal Service
7. An Affair to Remember—
8. I’ve Loved and Lost Again—Patsy Cline
9. A Fuck-Off Horse—Eddie Izzard
10. This Old Hen—Pete Seeger

Thanks to the many spots I’ve seen this floating around at, especially Dawn’s.

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Good Things

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Ah, yes! Hello there! Been awhile since I’ve been around, pardon me, while I sweep away the cobwebs. Do you like the new look?

I’ve been just kind of floating around being random since I last posted—seems like the days just needed to float on by without any real sense of order, but there were some little highlights. So, I present to you a few Good Things Since September.

1. The fog is lifting—not that glorious fog in SF, but rather the fog that my head’s been in for the last few years. Thanks to a bunch of tiny little changes (including finally accepting meds) I feel like I’m starting to get back to being myself!

2. My secret pal struck not just once, but TWICE! Once in Sept. while my mom was visiting, which explains the disappearance of the candy and pretty pink scarf she (my SP) crocheted for me. I also have some beautiful windchimes. And then I got a great package in Oct—lots of little notions and some great HUGE needles (I don’t think I’ve seen them that big). Check out the goods!

3. We survived the CH’N POPS (as Cade calls them). I’m so happy to have them over and done with—no more worrying about trying to find them in the wild either!

4. Which brings us to Halloween. In the midst of being both broke and under the duress of ch’n pops, I didn’t really think about costumes and one child was scabbed over, so what were we going to do. Why improvise, of course!

The Gauze Mummy & The Sheet Ghost!

5. There’s a couple of new babies in our homeschooling group—so of course there’s knitting for them! Here’s a little sweater I’m working on for Hazel’s sweet babe. It’s from Rowan and I’m using Rowan Wool Cotton in Rich for it—very forgiving for a cotton.

6. I’ve also been bitten by an organizing bug, which would shock anyone who knows me in person. My bedroom has been pretty much spotless for a couple of weeks now and I’m just going to slowly let it ooze out into the rest of the house. Someday I may just take over a room and have my little studio!

7. One benefit to having a little cleaning bug sitting in my ear is that the clutter was kind of tidy (for clutter) when we had Cade’s birthday party. Cade, my baby, turned FOUR on the 21st of November! What happened to my little sweet babe?? Definitely the dawn of a new age for our family.

Do you think he’ll be wondering what was up with the Spidey bandaids for a birthday gift?? Grandma’ll have some answering to do!

8. Music, music, music is back in my life! I’ve been singing up a storm for Wassail on Sundays—we’ll be performing in December. I’ve also set up new piano lessons with a friend. Something to keep me accountable and might even be reason to get a new piano that actually keeps tune—who knew one would be so helpful to have so I can play for our…

9. New Kittens! We got a pair of sweet sisters from Lynn’s FIL. His barn cat gave birth to this pair back in Sept or so and we just got them on Sunday. No names, yet, but Spot is in the running for the little one roaring in this pic. We’re thinking the other might be freckle.

What do you think Ry’s punishment should be for giving them my Mission Falls cotton to play with??

10. And now that’s it’s only 2 days to Thanksgiving, I have to announce that I am completely, totally, utterly ready for…

Thanksgiving dinner. The turkey is defrosted (well, it was fresh), I’ve got all the fixin’s—we’re ready to go! What did you think I actually would get my Christmas shopping done already? Nuts, that won’t be til Dec. 27th.

Anyhow, glad to be back!

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