Rant, rant, rant. . .

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Today is just not a day I should be writing, but I’ll do it anyway.

I am so absolutely done, done, done with this foot injury and it’s been barely 2 weeks and less than a week and a half since I was relegated to non-weight-bearing on crutches by my podiatrist. Yesterday I had the CT scan that will tell us just how badly I broke my damn heel and I’ll find out the prognosis and treatment come Friday. In the meantime, I’m so tired of not being able to do anything around the house or go anywhere since our only car is a little stick and the broken heel is my right one. Ry and the kids are doing tons around the house, but I feel like my independence is gone (who am I kidding, it is!) and I hate it. Hate it, hate it hate it.

I’ve done all the sitting around knitting and reading I can stand, (sinc when do I hate knitting??), the hills around the place make it a chore to getting outside and my hands and arms hurt from overdoing it with last night’s trick or treating. Life just seems like a big fat mess in my head.

Boy, that was cathartic just getting it out. Whew.

I did finish up one Socktoberfest sock and I’ll consider that a success since I’m basically one-footed these days. Since my camera batteries are dead and I can’t find the charger since the move, just imagine a photo of me with a big, black boot cast and a lovely sock made of the Mountain Colors Northern Lights colorway in Mountain Goat — so soft and warm and I hope the second one will come out just as nicely for the moment I can wear it on my other foot!

The pirate hat is coming along now — almost to the little skull and cross bones intarsia and then it’s just a matter of cruising on and finishing. Then after that, I’m not sure what I’ll start up — maybe Ry’s sweater for Xmas or Nana’s or something else… Any ideas?


In which I lament that gauge is rather useful.

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Yes, it finally bit me in the butt. I did not do a gauge swatch or a check before getting to very nearly the end; and it has caused me grief.

I ended up frogging the little pirate hat I’m working up for my sister’s friend’s cousin’s new baby because it was fitting my almost six-year-old! And apparently denial ain’t just a river in Egypt, since I kept thinking “Oh, it’ll just shrink down.” or “It just looks bigger than it will be when it’s done.” or “Bigger is better, right? The baby’ll grow into it.” Yeah, in about 4 years!

So frog it, I did, and then set it aside for now is the time for all the last minute Halloween fun. Cade needs some armor for his knight suit and Cort needs his samurai armor done as well. 2 days to go, and since I can’t go anywhere, guess I’ll just sit here and sew hundreds of these little bits on. Did you know that the samurai had bright sparkly armor??

Ayup. Neither did I.


Lots of time to knit now...

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I broke my heel last week trying to fly off of a hay bale structure. Of course, I should have known better, but reaching the end of my 20’s with kids about to turn 9 & 6, just got the better of me and I decided I couldjump from a height of 4 or 5 feet and not suffer any injuries.

Yeah right.

So I’ll be sitting here knitting away for the holidays to get everything done. And one benefit of waiting around in the doc’s office yesterday morning — One Socktoberfest sock done and the other’s cast on. I may complete a knit-along yet!